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Colors of the city

We're back with our new exhibition: "Colors of the city". Come and see the amazing works of local artists Amanda Lorens and William J Brown, and discover the London-based artist Jonathan Garcia.

June 15th - 30th

Meet the artists

Amanda Lorens

Amanda is known for her street art in and around Berlin. She illustrates, paints and photographs. Street art is her way to communicate with people.

William J Brown

German artist William is also known as W.J.B.. He calls himself an 'interactive painter', as his work expands across all media platforms.

Jonathan Garcia

The work of graffiti artist and illustrator Jonathan stands out because of his unique style and neon color usage. His goal is to spark a reaction from the viewer.

Save the date: June 15th

Price: $25

Featured work

What people say

The best street art gallery we have in Berlin. Lots of diversity, culture and a great atmosphere. I strongly advise any artist or art lover to go there!

— Chris